Online Resume Writing Services: How to Write Resumes Without Mistakes

Online Resume Writing Services: How to Write Resumes Without Mistakes

A resume opens the door to interviews, so it is very important to avoid basic CV writing mistakes that most job seekers make.

A resume is the only document with the help of which you can get a job. Therefore, you need to devote enough time to make it attractive to the recruiter, and for that you need to know what not to write.

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Let’s take a look at the mistakes you might, without knowing it, make on your cv:

Your resume is 80 percent water. Imagine this situation: you are a manager of a company and are looking for a new employee. Your task: to choose the right candidate. Which CV will impress you the most: a resume that provides an overview of the job description, or a resume that says the candidate has been able to increase sales by 10%? Everyone, without exception, is pleased to see real results and achievements, and not a dry list of responsibilities. So keep this in mind when writing your resume.

A novel instead of a resume. Man is a rather lazy creature. This goes for the recruiter too. Your resume shouldn’t be more than two pages long. Long resumes are old-fashioned and no one will read them. An HR manager spends no more than 10 seconds looking at one resume, therefore, you only need to write what can catch the eye of a recruiter. Numbers, percentages and adjectives can help you with this!

Tons of unnecessary text. If you’ve already trimmed your resume to two pages, then don’t overload them with solid text. Such an overflowing resume does not attract attention, but rather, on the contrary, scares away (see paragraph # 2). Write only the most important and key things that will help you get an invitation for an interview.

False information. Let’s face it: each of us loves to embellish our resume a little: increase years of work in companies, change job titles, add courses and training that did not take place. According to the latest data, every second resume contains false information. In this case, you need to be extremely careful, because now, in the age of the Internet, any recruiter can check the data that you provided in your resume for authenticity. Now it can be done quickly and easily using social networks. Therefore, it will also be useful to revise your pages on social networks.

Too much information from the past. Each resume must be prepared for a specific vacancy. This means that the list of companies and the positions you have held there must correspond to the required experience stated in the job profile. You should not include jobs in your resume that have nothing to do with what you are currently doing. Leave the past in the past. Your goal is not to tell your entire job history on your resume, but only the part of it that is directly relevant to the job.

If you want to write a great resume and get an invitation for a job interview, then you should avoid the above mistakes. Already at the interview, you can tell your potential employer in more detail about yourself. The resume is just bait for the boss. Save a few interview trump cards to get the interviewer on your web! You might think that hey, there are many candidates besides me and my resume is just one out of thousands others but with the professional help and your personal peculiarities, you will get the job you want.

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