Experienced Gwinnett County Criminal Lawyers

Experienced Gwinnett County Criminal Lawyers

If you have been charged with a crime in Gwinnett County, Georgia, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney by your side. This is because a criminal conviction can negatively impact you for the rest of your life.

You should hire a lawyer who has experience with the local courts and who understands the prosecutors, judges, and police officers in Gwinnett County. This will make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.

Experienced in the Local Court System

Experienced Gwinnett County Criminal Lawyers understand the local court system well. They know what judges in the county are capable of handling misdemeanor, local ordinance violations and traffic offenses.

They also understand the nuances in representing a client in the Gwinnett County courts system. For example, some clients call us with questions about which court handles a Gwinnett traffic ticket.

We can explain to you where and when to appear in court for your case. The information is always on your citation or bonding paperwork, but you can also check with the courthouse that is processing your case.

Knowledgeable in the Law

Experienced Gwinnett County Criminal Lawyers understand the law and the nuances of a case. They know how to build a strong defense that will allow them to achieve the best possible outcome for their client.

The law is a set of rules and regulations that impose certain duties on people to behave in specific ways. It is essential for everyone to know the laws of their country, state, and local community.

Knowledge of the law helps in promoting a legal culture, which is an essential aspect for society. Moreover, it enhances life quality, reduces tax burden, and makes things easier for the citizens of a nation.

Experienced in Defending Clients

When a client is charged with a crime, he needs to hire an experienced Gwinnett County criminal lawyer who will protect his legal rights and interests. The right defense can mean the difference between being acquitted and being convicted.

Experienced attorneys will know how to handle every type of criminal case, regardless of the nature of the offense. This includes defending against DUI charges, drug offenses, traffic citations, domestic violence, burglary, assault, and robbery.

The experienced criminal lawyers at Hawkins Spizman are committed to assisting clients in Gwinnett County and throughout Georgia with their criminal cases. We have a strong reputation for providing focused and knowledgeable criminal defense strategies that are designed to achieve a positive case result.

Experienced in Defending Against Misdemeanors

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in Gwinnett County, it is important to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. This is because you can face serious penalties, such as jail time and fines, which can have a significant impact on your life.

Moreover, misdemeanors have different penalties depending on the offense. For example, a simple assault is usually treated as a misdemeanor and is punishable with up to one year of incarceration.

A more serious offense, such as murder, can result in more severe charges. The prosecution may even choose to try the case before a judge instead of a jury.

Experienced in Defending Against Felonies

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need an experienced attorney who can protect your rights. A conviction of a misdemeanor or felony in Georgia can ruin your reputation and career, affect your family life, and lead to many other serious consequences.

A felony is any criminal offense that is punishable by at least one year in prison and/or substantial fines. Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors, and they can also impact your voting rights and your right to own firearms.

If you’re accused of a felony in Gwinnett County, it is essential that you speak with an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A good defense lawyer will know how to fight for your rights and what kind of plea deals are possible.

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