How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Do you need to recover files from your hard drive? Or your are thinking how to recover data from external hard drive? In them we keep a lot of very important information that, at some point, can be damaged or lost. Depending on the reason why this happens, we can carry out a series of steps that will facilitate the recovery of data from our hard drive.

Restore to Recover Data on External Hard Drives

This practice is useful at all levels, both in the professional use of a company and at the user level. The ability to recover files has become an essential part of day-to-day computing tasks.

  • The first thing we must do is connect our external hard drive to the computer. Once plugged in, it will be necessary to run it, always as administrators to have access to more functions. If it is not done automatically, we can click on the “scan” option so that the process begins to work. Next, we can see how a quick scan is performed automatically.
  • If we want it to be deeper, we must give the option of making a more meticulous analysis. On this occasion, it is convenient for us to do both: first the superficial and quick analysis and then the deep one. We will use this second analysis to search for lost files on the hard drive, which are precisely the ones we want to recover.
  • Although the process can be stopped, it is a good idea to wait for it to finish. Once it does, we can search all the files using filters. There, we must select the data that we need to recover and simply click on the option “hard drive data recovery” that allows us to do so. A pop-up window will open where we can choose the destination of the files.
  • As for the best way to recover files, it pays us to be meticulous and cautious. It is always advisable to choose a different location from the original and give them a name with which we can locate them quickly. In this way, we will not have problems when it comes to looking for the same file that we had lost the first time.
  • Once data recovery is complete, you can actively participate in the safe and durable recovery process.
  • If we know when we are going to need them, we can group the recovered files with others of their kind. This allows us to always have them available without the need to perform data recovery tasks that take time and also consume extra space. Even if we consider it necessary, we can resort to backup copies.
  • In addition to files on computers and external hard drives, there are certain documents that we need very frequently and that we should keep elsewhere. For example, on various external memories or on cloud platforms. We can also share the files with other users in group systems, in folders or on different devices. This will help us to look for them again in the future.

Better cyber security is achieved thanks to offline warehouses. We have to save important files on different external hard drives and very well ordered and, if necessary, we can create a list where we order the type of documents that we store in each place.

Why are External Drives Often Damaged?

One of the things we should always keep in mind is that, no matter how well manufactured, the components of a computer will not last forever, they simply run out of life and come when changes need to be made. Other times we can give them bad treatment and they start to show flaws.


Return to what was said; Components cannot be used for life. It wears out every time you use it and the hard drive is basically one of the most popular drives because it works as well as the processor and RAM while the computer is on.

Current SSDs have been optimized to improve in that sense, and given good use they could easily last more than 5 years, but after that time you should be aware that at any moment it can fail. So the same thing to do would be to back up the information on it.

Electrical Surges

An SSD disk is a component of a computer, which in turn is an electrical equipment so that any failure in the power system of your computer that causes an overload will be quite harmful to the health of the equipment. A strong overload could directly damage the circuits that make up the disk, as well as its capacitors and affect its entire operation.


Electromagnetism is a reality. All devices that work with electricity have their own magnetic field, even living beings have one. This means that anything that can affect that field will also affect the team. If you are one of those who uses a mobile near the computer, you should prepare yourself as this could damage your hard drives at any time.

Bumps and Falls

If you’ve recently dropped your laptop or pulled out the SSD and it accidentally slipped from your hands, the hit may have serious consequences. A hard disk is a very delicate component and a bad hit could damage the heads that allow it to connect to the motherboard, making it difficult to use it as before.

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