Speeding Ticket

How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket the Smart Way

Full speed ahead! Just try to avoid a ticket while you can.

Police officers issue thousands of speeding tickets every year. They cost hundreds of dollars, and they cause your insurance rates to go up for several years. They’re a headache.

The best way to prevent a speeding ticket is through good defensive driving. But there are other ways to get out of a speeding ticket, even after an officer pulls you over. Here is a quick guide.

Talk to the Officer

Once you get pulled over, turn on your overhead lights, roll down your windows, and open your glovebox. Make sure everything in your car is visible. If you have a gun, tell the officer you have one and place it away from you.

Hand the officer your driver’s license and insurance. When they ask you questions, answer them with good excuses. Do not leave your car unless you are asked to.

If you are going to work, tell the officer that you are headed there. If you have a medical emergency, tell the officer your situation. They will let you go, and they may even escort you to the hospital.

Do not get aggressive with the police officer. Be as polite and courteous as possible. If you can make the officer laugh, make them laugh.

The more courteous you are to an officer, the more likely they are to let you off with a warning. If push comes to shove, you can beg. Officers can let first-time offenders off if they seem desperate.

Get Out of a Speeding Ticket in Court

You can appeal to the courts for help. A court case isn’t easy, but you can get help with a case. Consult with an attorney through sites like https://louisianaspeedingticket.com before pursuing any legal action.

Just showing up helps your case. A court has dozens of cases to go through on any given day, and a speeding ticket offense is the least of their concerns. A judge may award you with a point reduction just for being in court.

Break down why you got a ticket. Dispute the officer’s personal opinion. If they say you were over the speed limit, you can argue your speed was safe because all of the cars around you were driving at that speed.

Dispute how the officer presents evidence. Gather eyewitness statements and show how you are correct. Present diagrams and photographs that show the street you were driving on, and explain your behavior.

Argue that your speeding was justified. Present evidence that a car you were passing had a drunk or unsafe driver.

Learn the Law

We all have a need for speed. The police may try to make you pay for it, but you can get out of a speeding ticket.

Talk to the police officer who pulled you over. Put them at ease, and answer all their questions with good and thorough excuses.

If you go to court, hire a lawyer, and prepare evidence. Dispute everything that the police officer says. Justify your speeding and explain your behavior clearly.

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