How Many Sex Offenders Live Near Me?

There are a lot of people that say, “If there are sex offenders near me, I will not be happy!” Can you blame them? Although most sex offenders that have done their time and just want to be left alone are not a problem, it only takes one to ruin a life forever. If you want to know how many sex offenders live near you, be prepared to be shocked because there are probably a lot more than you realize. Just don’t panic.

Easy Sex Offender Search

If you are worried about the safety of your children because of sex offenders in your neighborhood, you should be. Time and time again, there have been cases where a sex offender gets out of jail or prison, then finds a victim to attack in the neighborhood. This is a sick and horrible way to live, but there are monsters out there that are dangerous. Kids Live Safe is an organization that was developed by a group of passionate people that want to keep kids safe from sexual predators. They were inspired by the ugly story of Megan Kanka, behind Megan’s Law. Kids Live Safe has created a platform for people to conduct searches that is user friendly and very powerful. Unlike the federal databases that store the sex offender registry files, Kids Live Safe pulls data from multiple databases that are chock full of public record data. With Kids Live Safe, you can find out the whole story.

Neighborhood Sex Offender Search

You can easily do a sex offender search of your neighborhood or any other neighborhood by simply putting the address or zip code into the search bar. Within minutes you will get results that show all of the sex offenders that live within a specified radius of your search place. With information like this, you can see exactly where the offenders live, what they look like, and what they did to get on the sex offender registry list. With the information that you get, you can take it a step further and find the rest of the arrest history of the person.

Sex Offender Search By Name

You can run a search on anybody you would like to by name. It doesn’t matter if they are a convicted sex offender or not. Not everybody that commits sexual crimes gets caught. However, if you do a criminal background check on somebody, you can see their whole arrest history and draw your own conclusions on whether or not you want your kids around them.

Sex Offender Activity Alerts

Another amazing feature that Kids Live Safe has to offer is a comprehensive alert system that notifies users when a sex offender moves into an area around them. Users can choose up to three different addresses to get notifications about. Whenever a convicted sex offender moves in within five miles of the home, the user gets an email with the details of the offender so that they can see where they live and what they look like. What a great way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Most times, just knowing the facts can save lives.

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