How Do Family Law Attorneys Get Clients?

How Do Family Law Attorneys Get Clients?

Advertising is important to all types of businesses. However, advertising is especially important to law firms, including family law attorneys. Many companies have the ability to advertise to obtain new customers, and then show the customers why they should be repeat customers, using their services over and over or buying products from them repeatedly. When it comes to family law, odds are, you are not going to need a family law attorney multiple times in your life. Most people will use them once or maybe twice during their lifespan. As such, family law attorneys have to advertise constantly and consistently to find new clients. If you are branching out and opening up your own law firm, you may be curious as to how family law attorneys get clients. Here are the top five ways that clients are found for law firms.

Word of Mouth

One of the top ways that family law attorneys get clients is through word of mouth. One of their clients may be going through a divorce or a custody dispute. That client may have a friend going through something similar, and in turn, they tell their friend about the law firm they are using. Friends and family members trust the advice that they get from other friends and family members, which is why word-of-mouth advertising is so effective. You can encourage your clients to recommend your family law firm by offering incentives, such as a gift card to a local store or restaurant, every client that they refer who signs a retainer with your law firm.


Another technique that family law attorneys use to get clients is by placing billboards advertising their legal services. You may place billboards along busy freeways or billboards near the family courthouse in your area. Ideally, you want people driving by to see your billboard and remember you if they ever need to hire a family law attorney. Placing billboards is a great way to get clients because thousands of people can drive by the sign each day, allowing you to have a large reach for a fairly small amount of money.

Radio and Television Ads

Take a second to think about lawyers in your area. Chances are, a lawyer or two comes to mind, and as they do, you remember a catchy jingle or slogan that they use in their radio or television ads. Radio and television advertising is among the most expensive types of family law advertising, but with the right slogans, jingle or words, your family law firm can become memorable to potential clients. This helps to build brand recognition and may be exactly what you need for clients to call you first if they need a family law attorney.

SEO Marketing Techniques

People no longer reach for a phone book when they need to hire plumbers, hairdressers or family law attorneys. Instead, they open up a browser on their phone, tablet or computer and do an Internet search for the type of business they need. SEO, or search engine marketing, uses a wide array of techniques to help improve your search engine ranking. This means, that when someone searches for a family law attorney in your area, your business is ranked high and displayed on the first page of businesses to those searching. Unfortunately, SEO can be complex. The average person does not know what techniques to use to increase their search engine ranking, so outsourcing this task to an SEO agency can be invaluable.

Attorney Referral Services

The final way that family law attorneys get clients is through attorney referral services. There are companies out there that compile a list of attorneys in a particular area. They then help to connect potential clients with attorneys in their area. Typically, you pay a referral service to be included on their list. Alternatively, some law firms work together to refer each other. For example, your family law firm may only handle family law matters. You may work with a local attorney who offers personal injury law services. If one of your current clients asks you if you handle personal injury cases, you can say you don’t, but you recommend the other law firm. In return, every time the personal injury lawyer has clients who ask about family law attorneys, they will recommend you to their clients.

Finding new clients is important to keep a family law firm afloat. There are numerous ways that new clients can be found, including word of mouth, billboards, traditional radio and television ads, attorney referral services and SEO techniques. SEO for family lawyers is important, as more people than ever are turning to the Internet to find the companies, businesses or resources they need. Here at Gladiator Law Marketing, we specialize in helping law firms with SEO, helping them to draw in new clients. Visit our website today to learn more about our company and the services we offer.

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