Full Stack Developer VS Mean Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer VS Mean Stack Developer

What is the Developer in the Form of T?

The T-shaped model is an existing concept for a while that describes the ability or characteristics of an individual. The ideal T-shaped person has many common skills with specialization in one or several certain fields.

Full-stack developer online training achievers are a very good example of this model because developers have general knowledge across the extent of technology and platforms and in-depth experience and specialization in some of these concepts. Mostly, there are two general fields that form full-stack stack developer skillsets: front-end development and back-end development.

What is the Development of the Front-End Web?

These skillsets involve the actual presentation of your website – how information on your website is placed in the browser and on cellular devices too. Special front-end developers will be very experienced working with HTML and CSS and scripting languages, Javascript. With these languages, developers can efficiently manipulate information on the website to make it interesting and effective.

Everything you really see on the website-layout, text position and image, color, font, buttons, and so on – all factors that must be considered by the front-end developer.

The main goal of front-end developers is to provide a platform for visitors to interact, a platform that provides and receives information. This means that some developers will be experienced in web design and use software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to make themed graphics and layout.

Additional skills from front-end developers can include user experience design and user interface design, skills that help the team evaluate the best methods to display and collect information. Front-end developers who have this design skill are potentially more valuable because they can identify the appearance and nuances of the site while assessing the technical capabilities of the design simultaneously. Although these additional skills may be useful for developers, they certainly not the requirement for the job, and more and more companies see value in hiring UX & UI designers to focus only on the development aspects of this website.

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What is the Development of Web Back-End?

Data creation, edit / update and memory are some of the processes that are most often associated with back-end development. Some examples of common scripts used are PHP, Ruby, and Python. With these languages, back-end developers can create algorithms and business logic to manipulate data received in the development of front-end.

This means that the back-end developer must be able to write code to receive information input from the user and also store it somewhere – as in the database. There are two main types of databases: relational (such as PostgreSQL and MySQL) and non-relational management systems (such as Mongo). The language used for database management is SQL, which helps developers interact with the database.

The concept may sound foreign, but only understand that there is a different database management system based on comfort and use.

Other components of back-end development are server management, which is an application that host databases and present websites. An alternative to knowing how to manage servers is to use a cloud-based platform that provides infrastructure, such as Heroku or Amazon web services.

Understanding server management allows developers to solve slow application problems and even determine how they can scale their websites to enter more users.

What is a Full Pile web Development?

Full stack developers are experts on front-end and back-end; So, a stack of full technology that forms a website. They are proficient in the language and frontures of front-end and back-end, as well as in the server environment, network and hosting. To achieve the extent and depth of knowledge, most of the full stack developers will spend years working in various different roles. They also tend to be experienced in business logic and user experience, which means they are not only well equipped to get hands, but also can guide and consult about strategies too.

Note About The Framework

Instead of having to develop a complex exclusive code every time to create different websites, the framework has become a popular resource to make many processes more efficient and comfortable. Libraries such as JQuery are very popular for front-end developers using JavaScript, because they can apply various functions that have been cultivated and tested other developers.

The JavaScript framework such as angularjs and buckets solved many challenges faced by front-end developers by developing conventions that can be easily implemented with any website.

On the backend, there is a framework such as Rails for Ruby programming languages, Django for Python, and CakePHP to work with PHP.

The main objective of the framework is to make developer work more easily by developing a series of conventions that can be adopted for many of the different processes involved in creating websites – from how information is displayed for how stored and accessed in the database.

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