Fallout 4’s Four Stages of Adoption and The Benefits of Game Journalism

Fallout 4’s Four Stages of Adoption and The Benefits of Game Journalism

Defeat the Plot

The storyline of the game in terms of the level of performance is no different from the side quests. The plot of Eldritch Blast 5e does not touch on any philosophical or pseudo-political – no topics at all. There is no morality here. There is not even a basic idea. Events reluctantly replace each other, flow into skirmishes and turn into meaningless dialogues of four options.

The bottom line is always neutral-positive. The right one is impatient-aggressive. And the remaining two perform clarifying and interrogating functions. The main character is voiced and has a specific backstory. There is no variability in the dialogues, and their quality leaves much to be desired. It is in the process of talking with local characters that the player has a strong feeling that he does not belong here. The story moves on its own and leaves no room for acting out. Leaves no room for the player himself.

The actions of the factions, as well as their motives and goals, also do not carry any semantic load. Take the Subway, for example. The faction was invented exclusively to counterbalance the Institute. Who, in conditions of total devastation and constant mortal danger, will worry about artificial people? Metro believes that robots are self-aware and should have equal rights with humans. Although it is quite obvious that due to their human appearance, synths simply cause empathy and provoke people to pity. In other words, it is a trick, a mistake in the psyche.

But why are these robots even trying to break out to the surface – to live in the idiotic world authored by Bethesda? How do they escape the Institute? Who releases them? And why can’t the Institute prevent this in any way? But because the children’s plot is as if for a cartoon.

Gameplay Mutation

It is here that all the previously voiced problems manifest and flare up at once. The first thing to look out for is the accelerated pace. Gone are the lengthy dialogues and thoughtful walks in the wasteland. VATS will no longer allow you to calmly think about further actions in the middle of a tense firefight, and the level of enemies will always adjust to the level of the player. The appearance of hit markers signals the inability of the developers to correctly implement the shooting. Without these “crosses” the player would never have been able to understand whether he hit the enemy or not.

The number of opponents has increased significantly. For this reason, incomprehensible flickering constantly occurs on the screen. Curved animations and cheap sounds seem to do everything to free you from gambling addiction once and for all.

The developers do not try to involve in what is happening at all. The player, armed with a 10-mm pistol, will find anything on the bodies of defeated enemies, except for the ammunition needed at the moment. But if you change the weapon, for example, for a double-barreled shotgun, and 10-mm cartridges will immediately begin to pour into your pocket. This is a hidden mechanic and it is obvious that the player should not be aware of it. But the creators of Firebolt 5e don’t care. They use crutches and they do it mediocre.

Building. On the one hand, there are no complaints about him. Schoolchildren make sales, and it is at their expense that the so-called “gaming industry” lives and thrives. However, this feature in Fallout 4 not only does not fit into what is happening, but also implemented as an amateur modification from fans of the third part. That is, Bethesda once again did not bother. I might and would like to build a large base with defensive fortifications, sleeping places and a vegetable garden. Recruit settlers, develop a uniform uniform and weapon for them. Formulate your own ideology and forever rid the wasteland of the Institute, BS and other madmen. But instead, I am asked to collect boxes at home and arrange beds. An optional, boring and pointless function.

As you might guess, any tasks in Fallout 4 always come down to shooting. Skirmishes come in two forms: tedious and annoying. Tiring gunfights are simple. The monotonous and routine process of shooting raiders on the sunny streets of cartoon Boston is despondency, boredom and pain. The annoying gunfights are a different story. They can throw down at least some kind of challenge and urge the player to take reasonable actions. For example, you can dodge and incite swampers on an enemy high-level camp. Ambush the Deathclaw or silently infiltrate a guarded base. And suddenly, thanks to a wide arsenal and many so-called “builds”, the player gets * more * tactical freedom than in all the spy sandboxes combined.

Gameroot and Community

Right now. Open the reviews on Fallout 4 in the next tab. Pre-release materials and analyzes in the first days after the release. It is very important. Because no one, other than game journalists, feels so well the community and the main audience of the game. We can treat them as we like, but it is impossible to deny the fact that reviews from major publishers do provide a basic understanding of the game. This is the same litmus test by which we can determine how bad everything is. Three giants of domestic game journalism.

destructive wave 5e” traditionally shoots aloof, pretentious and optimistic reviews that have nothing to do with the real state of affairs. Such videos are intended for the mass consumer (which the Fallout 4 developers also aimed at) and are turned to face him, and not some other part of the body. If you reduce the review to one sentence, you get the following: “Fallout 4 is a decent game with its drawbacks, but everyone here will find something for themselves!”

Stopgeymovtsy, as always, great. Their video is also directed towards a young viewer, but the content of the review is more critical and clearly has a special subtext. The video begins with the words: “Disgusting Fallout, but a great game.” However, every alliance, every word construction in the review makes it clear that Fallout 4 – no matter how you look at it – is an incredible dummy and farce, created to please modern trends. The title and opening theses are the same, but the content and essence are completely different.

They will do this trick more than once or twice. Including – in the review of Cyberpunk 2077. Sober and sane people will understand everything and once again make sure they are right, and fanatics will not even notice that their favorite game was not appreciated and recognized as mediocre. I respect this approach.

Now we turn to heavy artillery. This, of course, is about Anton. It is not entirely clear where the negative is coming from in his direction. But another thing is clear – no one living today will ever see the birth of a culture of healthy communication on the Internet. Anton is a person who alone, no matter what, trolls the entire gaming community. There are no pitfalls here, no double bottom, not even a desire to cultivate critical thinking in people. Simply. Normal. Trolling. To observe the reaction of others. Feel their emotions. Anton’s reviews are the most faithful litmus test of all the existing ones in the RU segment. It was he who recognized before everyone else and tried to warn us about the contradictions in the game. But, naturally, he did it in his own way. Here are just a couple of examples.

War Never Changes

Sometimes you just want to play a bad game. A mild cold or an extremely unsuccessful vacation. Stay home and try something really tasteless. A game where you have to run forward and shoot. So that there are as many enemies and locations as possible. In one ear – the screams of super mutants. In the other, your favorite podcast or stream. And no regrets.

At some point, the guys at Bethesda just had to put up with it. Completely remove the dialogues, replace the main character (200 year old war veteran) with an ordinary raider and give the player the only task: DESTROY THE COMMONWEALTH. Arrange a cleanup of the entire map for 45-60 hours. And in the final, the BS would have flown in, and the player would have been offered a choice – to unite with the Brotherhood or to destroy it.

Game of Thrones S08E03 Torrent, capture of towers and cleaning of dungeons. There would even be room for construction. Well, Bethesda doesn’t know how to make normal games. If it doesn’t work, it’s not scary. This is not given to everyone. They had the opportunity to make funny trash, like Rage 2. But greed forced to please everyone. Did not work out. Very sorry. It will only get worse from now on.

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