Eb-5 Visa

Benefits Of The Eb-5 Visa Program

The EB-5 investor visa program was created to promote investment into the United States. Through this program, foreign investors make a specified investment in a new or existing business in the US or become silent investors in Regional Centers that complete large-scale construction projects. In return, they receive residency in the US. As you research “eb-5 investor visa Houston TX,” consider the benefits of this program.

Fewer Requirements

Many visas require that the applicants have special skills, experience or knowledge. However, the EB-5 visa program does not have education, work experience or language requirements. You also don’t need to be sponsored by an individual or company. You are also not required to leave the US at or for specific times.

EB-5 visa applicants must invest a minimum amount ($900,000 in targeted employment areas or $1.8 million in non-TEA areas) and create at least 10 new jobs for US citizens or those who have legal rights to work in the US within 2 years. As long as you pass the medical and background check and acquired the investment funds legally, you can apply for this visa program.

Length of Stay

The initial visa approval grants visa recipients and their families 2-year Green Cards. After 2 years, the investor must prove the investment was made and created at least 10 jobs. Then, investors and their families can apply for a permanent Green Card, which allows them to live, travel, work, pursue education and even retire in the US. They can also pursue citizenship.

Who Receives Residency

Not only does the investor receive residency, but the investors’ spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age all receive residency. In addition, the children do not age out of the program as they do in other programs. Therefore, the investors’ children do not have to leave the country when they turn 21. They also become permanent residents.


Those who receive Green Cards through the EB-5 visa program can live and work anywhere in the US; you don’t even have to live near where you made your investment. In addition, you can travel anywhere around the world without having to apply for a visa to reenter the US. You also have access to any educational institution and lower tuition rates for higher education than foreign students.

Investment Escrow

You can hold your investment in escrow rather than investing right away. That way, if your visa is denied, you can receive your investment back, less administration and legal fees.

If you want to pursue an EB-5 investor visa, consider consulting an immigration attorney.

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