What Do Military Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

What Do Military Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

The criminal justice system of the military works differently compared to the process of civilian criminal court. It follows a set of laws, and juries are typically composed of 3 to 12 members, depending on the classification of the case. Even the procedures for appeals are made specifically for every military branch.

If you are a military member facing a criminal charge, your best defense is getting a skilled and experienced military lawyer. Military lawyers are familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice that governs military rules, procedures, and processes. Aside from graduating from law school and passing the bar examination, military attorneys are also required to attend JAG training to become familiar with military proceedings.

Why Hire a Military Criminal Defense Lawyer?

It is vital to find a reputable military criminal defense firm with an impressive history of successful court representation of cases like yours. This kind of law firm has a team of passionate and dedicated attorneys who are adept in fighting for the rights and innocence of the accused members of the military.

You may also need one due to the following reasons:

  • You want to avoid a court-martial.
  • You are being accused of treason.
  • You have a landlord-tenant dispute.
  • You are facing an involuntary discharge and might lose your retirement benefits.
  • You do not want to lose your job and your future income.

What are the Other Functions of Military Lawyers?

Military lawyers are multi-faceted because they can handle both criminal and civil cases. They are well-versed in military laws, civil laws, and criminal laws, so they provide the following services:

  • Legal advice
  • Navigate the terms of legal discipline
  • Pre-trial questioning and preparation
  • Drafting and filing the required court documents
  • Court-martial services and counseling
  • Advising high-level personnel of the military about law
  • Drafting and preparation of official military guides

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What are the Benefits of Having a Military Lawyer on Your Side?

Having a high-caliber attorney who knows how the military court operates will give you hope that you will receive a fair trial and prove that you do not commit a crime or what you have done is in the line of duty. Your defense lawyer will work with you and for you to seek justice.

Whether you are facing misconduct, assault, fraud offense, sex offense, drug offense, discharge hearing, or a court-martial, a military criminal defense lawyer will build a winning strategy for your case. Military attorneys understand the internal working of the military courts. They know how to strategize and defend you against the allegation.

The military criminal defense lawyers will battle in court to protect you against the allegation that you are facing. You may be facing legal trouble, but you have the same basic rights as others. Under military justice, any written or oral statement that you give can be used to incriminate you. You have the right to remain silent until your attorney comes to your rescue. Do not answer interrogations or provide statements without a military lawyer to guide and protect you.

If you are arrested, it is crucial to affirm that you are not waiving your right to keep silent and you would like to speak to a lawyer. It is your right to request for the stoppage of interrogation from officers on your military section. A professional representation of an experienced military defense attorney will also make sure that your rights will not be trampled during the course of the court-martial or investigation.

Other benefits include:

  • Military lawyers do an independent investigation based on facts and pieces of evidence, preserving all the concrete proofs.
  • They provide consistent counseling and advice throughout the whole legal process.
  • They explain your possible options and rights.
  • They make you feel confident and less overwhelmed with the ordeal you are facing.

Can a Military Defense Criminal Lawyer Help in Protecting your Separation Benefits?

In cases where the military command recommends an involuntary discharge of a service member based on misconduct, physical/mental issues, or performance, there will be an administrative separation hearing. It is an opportunity for military personnel to fight for retention. If this is your concern, a military criminal defense attorney can represent you to protect your reputation and service benefits.

An expert military criminal defense lawyer will defend your reputation, rights, military career, and future. This is why you should select one with a steady reputation and a good track record in handling cases such as yours.

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