What Are the 4 Main Causes of Construction Accidents?

What Are the 4 Main Causes of Construction Accidents?

One of the most accident-prone places to work is construction sites. Four of the most common ways for construction workers to get injured or, unfortunately, lose their lives are from falls, being electrocuted, being hit by objects, or getting caught in -between objects. These are called the “Fatal Four” because they cause more than half of the deaths of construction workers yearly.

The following is a detailed explanation of the  four main reasons why people get hurt in construction accidents:

1. Falling Accidents

A lot of the time, construction workers have to do their jobs at heights. When proper safety measures aren’t followed for the protection of construction workers, anyone on the site can get seriously hurt. The good thing is you can seek compensation from your employer with the aid of construction accident lawyers.

Construction companies are required to provide harnesses, safe catwalks, secure scaffolding, and other safety gear to keep workers from falling off heights while they are working. When the right equipment is not present, and a worker falls because of it, the construction company and other negligent parties are responsible for personal damages.  If an accident occurs and your firm refuses to compensate you for your losses, you can sue the company in court with the aid of construction accident lawyers.

Many things can cause people to fall on construction sites, including

  • Digging sites and trenches that aren’t marked
  • Elevator shafts without guards
  • Bad weather while working on the roof
  • Debris causes people to slip, fall or trip. Defective ladders
  • Floor holes, wall openings, or ledges that are not marked or covered
  • Scaffolding that isn’t built right or isn’t safe

2. Struck-By Accidents

In struck-by accidents, workers are hit by falling, rolling, swinging, or flying objects. Depending on the type of object, its size, and how fast it is moving when it hits a worker, a “struck-by” accident can cause anything from a minor bruise to a severe or even fatal injury.

Examples of common struck-by accidents are:

  • Mishaps involving heavy machinery or vehicles
  • High-pressure hoses and lines that are broken
  • Loads in the air that fall
  • Nuts and bolts that fly off
  • Scaffolding, pipes, or wood that falls
  • Lost tools

Struck-by accidents can be avoided if construction companies take necessary safety steps. When companies don’t do enough to keep their workers safe, they could be held responsible for injuries and other on-site losses.

Is It Important to Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

3. Accidents That Happen In And Between Places

Accidents in which a worker is caught, crushed, pinched, or squeezed between two objects or parts of two objects are called “caught in between” accidents. There are also accidents in which a worker is buried, like when a trench or building falls on them. The construction company sometimes does not want to cover or compensate for worker injuries. In such cases,  construction accident attorneys may be a wise choice for you.

These kinds of mishaps  happen when:

  • Workers are not trained on how to use equipment and machinery safely.
  • Machines aren’t repaired or fixed as soon as the need arises.
  • Scaffolds are not built or held up correctly.
  • The walls aren’t braced right.
  • There isn’t enough support for trenches and excavation sites.
  • Heavy machinery isn’t kept safe or isn’t used right.
  • Machinery isn’t locked down or guarded well enough when it’s not in use.

4. Electrocution Accidents

Workers have to use electrical devices in many construction jobs, especially while working on buildings or homes.

On any such construction site, whether it’s a commercial or a residential one, there will therefore be multiple electricity hazards. Common electrical hazards on such sites include:

  • Use of metal tools to dig and hit underground power lines.
  • Power lines that aren’t well insulated
  • Extension cord wires that aren’t approved or are overloaded
  • Wet conditions
  • Wiring that doesn’t have the proper breakers or fuses
  • Wiring that doesn’t have the correct polarity (neutral to neutral, hot to hot)
  • Electronics that aren’t adequately grounded
  • Electric tools are used with plugs or cords that aren’t adequately grounded or insulated.


Accidents in the construction industry can also happen when there is no fall protection for heights or falling objects. Mishaps  can also happen when debris or building materials make it easy to trip. Accidents and injuries cannot be avoided if workers don’t have enough protection in trenches or training for using tools or equipment.

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