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Understanding the DUI Police Report

Driving Under the Influence, commonly known as DUI, is a crime and officials can arrest the individual who breaks the rule. A police report is filed against the person and the government present it against you in a court of law. There are serious charges claimed in the police report according to the facts. The contents of the DUI police report are based on the case and genuine facts. You should hire the best DUI lawyer in Peoria, IL, to avoid litigation charges and complaints against your driving under influence.

  • Reasons That Police Caught You

The police can only catch you when they find the driver suspicious and has broken the law. As police officers, they know the valid reason to stop your vehicle on the road while passing through. The police report contains the reason for stopping like they found you intoxicated, exceeding the speed limit, rash driving or broken traffic rules. The lawyers have a great point of argument in the absence of any justification to stop the police report.

  • Cause of DUI Arrest

The police need to have lawful and justified arrest reasons for stopping the traffic There should be probable cause for driving under influence of drugs or alcohol. Police must provide a detailed explanation to conclude the driver is violating the state’s DUI laws.

  • Ways to Conclude DUI Arrest

Driver’s Field Sobriety Test performance is conducted for DUI investigation. The drivers agree to complete the test and officers mention the results in the police report. However, the tests are not always accurate or correct and are being rejected by the judges in court.

Breath test results are also performed to analyze the driver’s drunken state. Police officers after stopping the car, ask the driver to blow air into the breathalyzer. They mention the results in police report PAS tests (preliminary Alcohol Screening) test are optional but once conducted, it is also included in the report confirming the valid cause of DUI arrest. These tests are not always reliable, but the judges tend to view PAS results to decide the valid cause of DUI arrest.

gavel and DUI plaque

Officer keen observation will also lead you to DUI arrest as they believe by your way of riding and breaking traffic rules while driving under the influence. Observations mentioned clearly (by the officers in the police report) should be presented in court against the victim.

You Should Hire the best DUI lawyer in Peoria, IL, to get the cases resolved easily without any charges and arrests. Lawyers having analytical thinking and a logical approach can save you from being arrested to a major extent.

  • Lawyer Evidence Supporting DUI Charge

The lawyer indicated the officer’s testimony as the police report is not included in evidence at the DUI trial. Lawyers will benefit from every single loophole, such as inaccurate FST performance and tests.

The tools or machines used by the police in the field are not reliable and accurate. In such cases, the best DUI lawyer, requests the judge to believe blood, breath or urine tests to reach the final decision. If the driver is innocent, they will be saved from unnecessary arrest and police reports.

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