Steps to Prepare for a Divorce

Our Tampa divorce attorney details some of the steps you will want to take to prepare for a divorce.

Going through the breakup of a marriage can be one of the most difficult times in your life. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all that is going on, there are important matters that must be addressed. As an experienced Tampa divorce attorney, the following are steps we recommend that can help you be better prepared both for your divorce proceedings and the aftermath.

Preparing Yourself for a Divorce in Tampa

The reasons why a couple may seek a divorce are as unique as the people involved. However, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case and whether you anticipate relatively amicable divorce proceedings or a more contentious legal battle, it is important to be aware of some of the issues that must be resolved. Under the Florida Statutes, there are legal matters that must be dealt with in court before a final divorce order can be granted. These include:

  • Division of marital property and assets;
  • Whether spousal support should be awarded;
  • Child time sharing arrangements for divorcing parents;
  • Orders regarding child support.

Being aware of these issues and taking the steps needed to prepare yourself in advance is important in protecting your relationships with others, your financial security, and your overall wellbeing, both immediately after a divorce and in the years to come. Consulting with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney should be your first step.

Preparing for Tampa Divorce Proceedings

After reviewing the details surrounding your case, your attorney can provide a more detailed description of what to expect when going through divorce proceedings in the Hillsborough County Court. To make sure you are adequately prepared, there are some steps we recommend you take now. These include:

  • Jot down a brief description of your marriage, your years together, and the circumstances surrounding your divorce;
  • Make a detailed list of all marital property you possess, including homes, cars, household belongings, antiques, jewelry, and sports equipment;
  • Make a list of all financial assets, including bank accounts, pensions, 401ks, or retirement funds, stocks, and shares in any businesses;
  • Consider whether you will want to remain in the marital home after your divorce;
  • Consider how you will support yourself and whether any additional education or experience in the workforce will be needed;
  • Open up an individual bank account and begin making regular deposits;
  • Open up a credit card or take out a small loan in your name alone, to begin re-establishing your credit;
  • If you have children, consider whether you will want full custody or joint time sharing arrangements;
  • Gather birth certificates, copies of Social Security numbers, titles to property, statements from financial accounts, and other important documents.

Contact Our Tampa Divorce Attorney

At the Law Offices of Mark G. Rodriguez, P.A., we have more than 30 years’ experience guiding clients successfully through the divorce process. To discuss additional preparations, you will want to make, contact our Tampa divorce attorney and request a consultation today.

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