Which is Better, Judicial Service or Civil Service?

Which is Better, Judicial Service or Civil Service?

The one of two common question which is faced by every aspirant is that whether we should prepare for judicial service or civil service which is the better one.

There are so many questions are in the mind of fresh law graduates that for which exams they should prepare. Which is better service and has better chances of success with job satisfaction.

This article will help you to clear all your doubts and questions and enable you to make the perfect decision.

Civil services are one of the popular career options among every graduate. It is a dream of every student to become an IAS officer by clearing UPSC with a good rank.

To evaluate this exam properly we have to make a comparative study of both civil services and judicial services so that you can properly make a comparison between these two exams.

Here are some factors on which we may compare to the study of civil services and judicial services which are as follows

Structure of the Exam

Before starting preparation for any competitive exam it is very necessary to know the structure of that exam. It’s very important that you should know the approach which is required for clearing that particular exam.

Civil service exam: structure of the civil services exam is fixed and does not change much. Some changes are done in this exam in the year 2013. The pattern of these exam consists of three stages in which the first stage is the preliminary stage second stage is the mains exam and the third stage is Interview.

Judicial service exam: structure of this exam differs from state to state. The number of the paper syllabus and marking of the judicial service exam differs from state to state. Join best judicial services coaching.

Time of Preparation Required for the Exam

Time required for the preparation of both exams depends on how much you have studied during your Law School.

Civil service exam: Preparation period required for the Civil Service exam is comparatively high than the judicial Services Exam. Because the syllabus of civil service exam is very dynamic which consists of current affairs and other bureaucratic subjects.

Judicial Services exam:  The preparation time required for the judicial services exam is less as compared to the Civil Service exam.

If you have studied all the concepts and the bare acts properly during your law studies then it is very easy for you to prepare and crack the judicial services exam in the first attempt.

Efforts Required to Crack the Exam

Civil service exam: The effort required to crack the civil services exam is more than the judicial Services Exam. Because you have to prepare for the various subject and this exam required a very high-level dedication and efforts to crack it in a first attempt.

Judicial Services: the judicial services exams also required a lot of effort but the Preparation strategy for this exam is very different as compared to the preparation strategy of the civil services exam. Attempt free judiciary mock test series.

The approach to prepare for the judicial Services exam is different because it is very important that you should have strong knowledge of the laws and bare acts.

Success Rate and Career Progression

The chances of success in both the exam depend on various factors such as a number of vacancies available per year and the preparation strategy of the candidate.

Civil service exams: The selection rate in the civil service exam is very less as compared to the judicial exams. There are many graduates who are preparing for the Civil Services Exam so that it is quite difficult to clear the civil services exam.

The career progression in the Civil Services depends upon your performance and experience.

Judicial Services exam: The chances of selection of the candidates in the judicial service exam also depends upon the number of vacancies are available in that year. To crack the judicial service exams in the first attempt you should have a perfect strategy and study plan that so you can prepare well for the exam and score good marks.

The career progression in judicial services also depends upon the experience of the judge and its performance and knowledge.

It is up to you and your interest and passion that which services is better for you as your career option. Both civil services as well as judicial services are one of the best jobs in India.