Benefits of a Leave Request form Via Employee Self Service

Benefits of a Leave Request form Via Employee Self Service

There are many companies that still rely on paper forms for their free time application and approval process. When time means money, these companies should consider moving to an electronic leave request form. First, companies should consider giving employees access to their own log to view their entitlement to vacation, the time they have taken and the time they have left through an employee self-service. This reduces the workload of the HR team and makes it a bit easier for employees to request time off or for leave just fill a form online. After that, you can put the entire vacation application process in an electronic format.

Giving your employees access to view their leave rights through your Time and Attendance System really reduces the calls your HR staff get about how much time they have left to take; But you can free up even more time by eliminating all the work that still needs to be done to fill out paper leave request forms. You still have to organize and file all those documents, consolidate each employee’s request with the time they have left to take, then look at a calendar to see if someone else has booked that time off, and fill out the paper form to approve or reject the request.

If you cannot accommodate the time the employee has requested, the employee goes through the entire process again for a different set of dates. You may approve requests based on seniority date or on a first-come, first-served basis; this means checking seniority dates and other scheduled vacation periods as well. Vacation requests can become a very tedious process when done on paper.

Giving employees access to view their license details through an employee self-service can really help smooth the license request process, whether it’s through time attendance software and form or even dedicated scheduling software or form.

Why not eliminate the hassle of dealing with paper forms and switch to an electronic leave request form? Software is available that is specifically designed for scheduling vacation requests, or you can view the vacation request and scheduling process within attendance control software and form. Consider the following as an alternative to paper forms.

An employee logs into Employee Self-Service and checks how much time she has available for vacations. From there they can send a message to their supervisor requesting time off, which will indicate the dates they want off, what type of time off, the total hours or days they are requesting, and any other specific details they want to include.

Because the request is submitted through their time and attendance system, the supervisor will have the employee’s name, employee number, seniority date, position, and vacation entitlement details, all with a click of the button. Your mouse to efficiently review the employee’s request. They can view the time off request directly on a calendar that shows all of their employees’ requested and scheduled vacations so they can quickly determine if they can grant the employee’s request or if they need to ask them to choose different dates. If they choose to approve the request, they do so directly in the attendance software or form vacation calendar and the employee receives a notification of the approval. If they can’t accommodate the time, they can remove it from the calendar and send the employee a message asking them to select a different date.

It just seems to make sense – give your employees access to your license through your time and attendance software or form, and consider taking the next step and using an electronic leave request form as part of your leave request process. This will eliminate the paperwork and delay in requesting time off. Also, if you use the attendance control software or form for this, it means that you don’t need to manually enter the time taken as it will already be there.